Working with HOAs

Our team has become very acquainted with the restrictions and steps while working with Home Owner’s Associations.

The Approval Process

In an HOA association, any improvements, any work on the exterior of your home needs to obtain architectural approval as a requirement of your membership. If you do any work without approval, you are at risk for violating the terms of your association. You must be careful because you could receive violation notices, hearing/fine notices, or receive a fine. You need to protect yourself by doing the right thing.

Luckily, Blue Ape Painting is well-versed in Nevada HOA terms and agreements. Working with our experts, we will help walk you through the HOA approval process.

Understanding HOAs

While living in a community that’s run by a homeowner’s association has its benefits, it can also make property ownership a little confusing. If you want to renovate the exterior of your home, you’ll likely need to get approval from your homeowner’s association before we start painting. HOA approval is required because the work could affect the appearance of your home and the entire neighborhood.

Another challenge facing your approval is the changing laws facing homeowner associations throughout the state. More and more, HOA associations in Nevada are micro-managed by the state from the smallest details to the most significant issues facing neighborhoods around Las Vegas. This involvement makes it increasingly difficult for your painting project to get the approval needed.

Working with Blue Ape Painting, we will look at the specific details of your HOA including the covenants, conditions, restrictions, and general guidelines set in place by your homeowner’s association.

Approval from your HOA


Begin work on home

How Blue Ape can help

The more prepared you are, the better your chances are of getting approved. That’s where we can help. Working within the parameters set by your homeowner’s association, we’ll get together all of the information and documentation needed. Likely, we will need to fill out an application that details the terms of the project. This application usually requires information such as:

  • The type of work that’s being done
  • The timeline of renovations
  • What common areas will be affected during the project

Along with putting together the necessary information, having our expertise on your side also strengthens your chances of approval, and in some cases it is essential. Since your HOA has specific requirements, they could also have a list of rules and regulations for the entire process. Since we are their point of contact, you won’t need to worry about these minor details, but we will keep you informed as we work to get approval.

Get HOA Approved

No need to stress about approval—we have you covered! The Blue Ape Painting experts completely take over and gets you approved in no time. However, it’s crucial that you never start any of the work without getting approval from your HOA first. Failing to follow the correct process could result in some hefty fines. Even worse, you may be forced to reverse the renovation to get your home back to how it was before work began. Get in touch with our team to discuss our help with the approval process.

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