Blue Ape Painting is reinventing the home painting process by offering instant online quotes.

With summer coming next weekend, it’s that time of year when many homeowners opt to paint the exterior of their homes, even though most are stuck indoors. Today, painting professionals are using technology tools to make estimating and job execution easier for everyone. Here’s a look at how some tools are making the experience better.

Estimates only a few clicks away

Cory Summerhays ran his own commercial and multifamily painting company, Unforgettable Coatings. Starting in 2007, his crews began taking on more residential work.

But homeowners, he found, seemed to have different needs than his commercial clients. They wanted a simplified, streamlined experience, and they didn’t seem to want to fuss over many details. So, the idea for a new venture, Blue Ape Painting, began percolating.

With Blue Ape, potential customers simply log on to a website and drum up an accurate estimate in a few clicks. Type in the address and the number of floors the home has and, in seconds, pricing options appear based on a three-, five- and 10-year warranty coating. Naturally, the better the coating, the higher the price.

“We found through our research that people didn’t want to have to answer too many questions. It took away from the experience,” Summerhays said, “and we thought, ‘what if we made this as simple as ordering a pizza?’”

If customers want extra conversation about the details of the job, Blue Ape is happy to do that too.

Heather Pritt, a Summerlin homemaker and mother of three, reached out to Blue Ape via its website and was surprised by how quickly the crews showed up and were ready to go. Pritt had questions though.

She needed colors approved by her HOA and hadn’t decided on a color scheme yet. The team helped her with color suggestions, navigated the HOA approval process and were ready to paint within a couple of weeks.

“They were all over every detail. Honestly, they could’ve started the next day if I wanted it, but I needed to have my questions answered,” she said.

To read the full article, go to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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